Here is what you will encounter with your clients, training and solutions!

  • SYMPTOMS YOUR CLIENTS MAY EXPERIENCE: Frequent frustration ~ Toxic relationships  ~ Back, neck and/or shoulder pain  ~  Illness  ~  Anger  ~  Impatience  ~  Insomnia  (lack of  sleep)  ~ Dizziness  ~  Lack of focus  ~  Numbness  ~  Tears / crying at random times  ~  Shortness of breath / hyperventilation  ~  Headache – tension  ~  Migraine  ~  Alcohol /substance  abuse  ~  Stomach / digestive disorder / IBS  ~  Weight gain / obesity  ~  Poor judgment  ~  Ringing in ears  ~  Erratic driving  ~  TMJ (clenched teeth/jaw)  ~  Fibromyalgia  ~  Heart racing /  palpitations … and other symptoms.  THEY HAVE A PERVASIVE, URGENT NEED FOR YOUR SOLUTION!
  • ONCE TRAINED, YOU HAVE EVALUATIONS, STRATEGIES AND SOLUTIONS:  Your clients will begin to understand the underlying causes and solutions for their stress.  As they feel better, they become raving fans and refer others to you!
  • WORK ONE-TO-ONE, WITH GROUPS OR HELP BUSINESSES SET UP THEIR OWN STRESS RELIEF PROGRAMS.  The choice is yours.  You will be trained to work personally with those who need you or create programs for organizations to reduce the stress on their members.


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